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Introduction to IAE 2021

A festival of international agriculture where business and international exchange come together

International Agriculture Exhibition 2019

International Agricultural Exhibition 2019

Agriculture Changes the World!

Dreaming of the future with agriculture, A world that women change

The 2019 International Agricultural Exhibition will be decorated like this.

Category Contents
Event 2019 International Agricultural Exhibition
Period 2019. 10. 17. ~ 10. 27. / 11 days
Venue Jeollanam-do Agricultural Research & Extension Service (Sanpo-myeon, Naju)
Theme Dreaming of the future with agriculture, A world that women change
event organizer Jeollanam-do
Participants 499 organizations, organizations, and companies from 39 countries / 530,000 people
International Attendance
Economic Achievement
Exhibitors (499 exhibiting companies from 36 countries)
Category Main Participating Companies
Overseas Companies
  • Germany (BASF, BBV, Schwabisch Hall, Staatliche Berufsschule Ill)
  • USA (REDOX CHEMICAL, FMC) Philippines (DA, BidiBidi, HML FOODS)
  • Thailand (HIGH냐ND, The Queen Sirikit, NTGS) Taiwan (National Pingtung Univ., Taiwan Anthurium Industry)
  • Spain (Bodegas camino alto, SUCESORES DE RAFAEL DE CAMPS)
  • China (Zhejiang,Jilin, Guizhou Province Gov),Japan (Saga Prefecture Gov)
Domestic Companies
  • Agricultural government agencies (MAFRA, Korea Seed and Variety Service, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation)
  • Major agricultural product export companies 0/enture agricultural and strong small farm companies)
  • Agricultural equipment and materials companies (MS Aviation, Goldrone, KEIL, HAN'A SS, TopFruit)
Domestic Buyers Ymart, NH, Hyundai Department Store, Lotte Mart, POST K mall, Public Homeshopping, GS SHOP, NFOOD MALL, TMON, OnChannel, etc
Overseas Buyers Kuwait (Kuwaiti Farmers Federation), Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Russia (MKM), China (Shenyang Trading Co., Ltd.), Mexico (Maxcellbio), China (Yantai Qing Feng Machinery Co., Ltd.), Thailand (Bayspoon), etc
Conferences and Seminars (1,530 participants from 14 countries)
Category Main Contents
  • The 2nd Development Seminar for the Asia-Africa Eco-friendly Agriculture (Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Egypt, Vietnam, Congo, Korea)
  • World Smart Plant Protection Symposium (USA, India, Korea)
  • Korea-Germany Agricultural Meister Seminar (Germany, Korea)
  • International Seminar on Asian Teas (Singapore, Taiwan, China,Japan, Mala'jSia, India, Sri Lanka)
  • The 2nd International Insect Industry Symposium (USA, Mexico, China, Korea)
  • Development of a Future Prospect to foster Successive Farming ManagersUrban Regeneration Industry through the Urban Garden Project
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Health and Safety of Female Farmers
  • Strategic Research for Start-up of Young Farmers through the Convergence of Agricultural Industry
International Attendee Survey
  • Overall
  • Are you satisfied with IAE 2019's PR effect?
  • Are you willing to attend IAE again?
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