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Information on the program of the 2021 International Agricultural Exhibition

International Buyer Consultation

International Buyer Consultations 2021
2021 International Buyer Consultations
October 21 (Thursday) – 22 (Friday) / 2 days
Export Consultation Room and Video Consultation Room, Smart Agriculture Hall 2※ On-site and video conferenceOnline-Offline Consultations held simultaneously
50 companies, organizations, and associations from 15 international companies※ the United States, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Central Asian countries, Kuwait
Current and prospective 100 Korean companies, both current and prospective (first-come, first-served basis)
Agricultural machinery, agricultural materials, agricultural processed foods
Export Ccontract consultation, overseas market entrance, Amazon online market entry
Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA)
Participants in the 2019 International Buyer Consultations 2019
No Country Company Name Business Type and Specializations
1 Indonesia PT. Panda Cahaya Makmur Agricultural trade; vegetable oil
2 Indonesia PT. Ratu Unggul Sahabat Agricultural distribution; oil extraction equipment (since 2008)Major items: Sprayers, wheelbarrows, etc.
3 Indonesia PT. Bumi Sempurna Sakti ( Online market for agricultural, fisheries, and livestock goodsLoppers and shears, irrigation systems, fertilizers, pest control, seedlings, etc.
4 Indonesia PT. Utomo Ultimo Agricultural cooperative; loppers and shears, sprays, irrigation systems, fertilizers, insecticides, plant seedlings, and other agricultural machinery; supplies supermarkets and hardware stores, such as ACE Hardware, GrandLucky, and Mitra10
5 Indonesia PT. JIT TRADING INDONESIA Cooperating agency to the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture; ginseng and fertilizers
6 Thailand Sigma Agrochemical Co., Ltd. Herbicides, insecticides, disinfectants, plant growth regulators, and fertilizers
7 Thailand Victory Feed Technology Co., Ltd. Animal feed additives, monocalcium phosphate, and fermented soybean oil meal
8 Thailand Ji Du Bang (Asia) Co., Ltd. Importer of Korean agricultural goods and food
9 Thailand Baby Spoon Gourmet Co., Ltd. Water jelly, freeze-dried chips, baby cookies, and other organic frozen baby food
10 Cambodia Lazuriton Nano Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Fertilizer, agricultural machinery, etc.
11 China Chuzhou Hetian Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. Manufacturing of agricultural machinery; sales and customer services for agricultural machinery and accessories, construction machinery, plant protection equipment and accessories, electronic products, and machinery; agricultural machinery and technology consulting services; standard road freight
12 China BEIJING ALLIED INTERNATIONAL TRADE Co., Ltd. Machining equipment and accessories, measurement, CNC equipment, and nonstandard casting and molding
13 China Lianyungang Youye Agricultural Development Co. Ltd Highly interested in advanced technologies, products, and equipment offered in Korea
14 China Shanghai Kerang Trading Co., Ltd. General Korean agricultural products and foods
15 China Wuhan 70S Community Commercial Service Co., Ltd. Agricultural products and foods, cosmetics, and health supplements
16 China Wangduyanbaba Trading Co., Ltd. Seasoning and snack products (coffee, snacks, instant food, chocolate, red ginseng candy, condiments, etc.)
17 China Wuhan Maofa Technology Co., Ltd. Offers processed agricultural foods and operates a tea plantation
18 China Shandong Ruiyin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. Operates a tea plantation and herb farm and offers agricultural processing, wholesale of tree seedlings, etc.
19 China Wuhan Tiny Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Agricultural distribution, smart farm management (agricultural IoT solution)
20 China Yantai Zhehao International Trade Co., Ltd. Sunchang red chili paste, soybean paste, and black bean paste
21 Russia MKM LTD Handles Korean food, agricultural products, and processed foods
22 Russia DAON LLC Handles Korean food, agricultural products, and processed foods
23 Kazakhstan ZHEMIS-ZHIDEK LLP Grains, plants, fruit saplings, and agricultural machinery
24 Kazakhstan ALAAGRO LLP Fertilizers, seedlings for transplantation, agricultural machinery, agricultural devices, and seeds
25 Kazakhstan Kazakh Research Institute of Plant Protection and Quarantine Seeds and new technologies
26 Uzbekistan JILO FAYZ LLC Processed fruits and vegetables, small-sized agricultural tools and machinery, packaging, equipment for food processing
27 Uzbekistan TOXIR LLC Import and distribution of gardening tools, greenhouse equipment and materials, processed fruits and vegetables, and completed products (sauce, dried laver, etc.)
28 Uzbekistan AGRO-BRAVO LLC Dairy product processing, production of natural dairy and sour milk fermented dairy products, distribution of ice cream, fat-free and full-fat freeze-dried milk, natural butter, sausage, Dutch cheese, and margarine
29 Ukraine ARTEL AGRO LTD. Seeks cooperative agreement with Korean companies in the field of agricultural machinery and machinery; distribution of equipment required for potato and garlic farming in Ukraine and other countries
30 Kuwait Kuwait Farmers Federation Seeds, chemical fertilizers for plants, plant machinery, and agricultural machinery
31 Kuwait Al Nakheel General Trading Company Agricultural machinery, plant medicine, seeds, and fertilizers
32 Kuwait Al-Enjaz Al-Kuwait Agricultural machinery, seeds, and fertilizers
33 Oman Al Arabia Livestock Co. LLC Agricultural machinery, animal feed, gardening facilities, fish farming equipment, etc.
34 Ethiopia Duka Engineering & Trading PLC Full range of medium- and lightweight agricultural machinery
35 Côte d’Ivoire VOLCAGRO-CI Plant hygiene products, bio fertilizers, and agricultural equipment
36 Canada Infiniterra Solutions Inc.(Newgen Group) Agricultural machinery, centrifugal fansblowers, dryers, screeners, livestock fertilizer processingmanure treatmentImports Korean agricultural machinery or components to be assembled in Canada; sells ales to Canadian livestock farmsPrioritizes the use of products made in Korea
37 United States JUJUPLE FARM Production: Jujube
Processing: Jujube snacks, dried jujube
Seeks to expand its harvest using Korean technology and equipment related to the management of fruit orchards
38 United States JC Lucerne, Inc. Fruit farming: Jujube, plums, peachesFruit processing: Jujube, strawberries, bananas, mangoes, and pineapples
39 United States Kreassive, LLC Specializes in e-commerce, particularly food product handling of particularly in, and handles food products online sales
40 Mexico Gemso Agro-Industrias Highly interested in Korean agriculture and industry
41 Mexico Maxcellbio de Mexico S.A de C.V Seed incubatorsgerminators, food products, etc.
42 Mexico Rotoplas Highly interested in water tanks, materials, and irrigation systems
43 Sri Lanka Plantchem (Pvt) Ltd. Seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, agricultural machinery, and gardening products
44 India Kohinoor Seed Fields India Pvt Ltd. Squash (Lagenaria longissima) seeds (hybrid), okra seeds (hybrid), okra seeds (research), squash (Lagenaria longissima) seeds, carrot seeds, coriander seeds, cucumber seeds, musk melon seeds, watermelon seeds, radishes, sponge squash hybrid seeds (hybrid), tomatoes, watermelon seeds, watermelon seeds, BT cottonBT wheat, paddies, wheat flour (black, red, green-gram), mustard, and cumin seeds
45 India Ichiban Enterprises Private Ltd. Agricultural machinery and products, gardening equipment
46 Croatia Fito Promet d.o.o. Specializes in plant protection and fertilizer products, with majormainly products including insecticides, herbicides, mite insecticides, fertilizers, fruit saplings, plant nutrients, etc.