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Visitor Information

This is a guide to the 2021 International Agricultural Exhibition.

Exhibition Halls

This is an introduction to the exhibition hall of the 2021 International Agricultural Exhibition.

exhibition hall
  • Future Agriculture Zone

    Introduces Fourth Industrial RevolutionIndustry 4.0 agriculture convergence technologies (AgTech), Smart Farm, and Smart Village

    Presents a model of the future Korean agriculture where agriculture is remade into a comprehensive service industry

    Introduces cutting-edge agricultural technologies that will pave the way for the future smart agriculture

    Creates future agricultural policies and trends shaped by organizations and agencies worldwide

  • Healing Experience HallZone

    Establishes the Agricultural Exhibition as a leading force of healing and wellness agriculture in Korea

    Features a wonderful meetingencounter between agriculture, care, healing, sightseeing, culture, and landscaping

    Combines spatial design and educational programs that offer experience, leisure, and healing

    Creates a space of healing experience through connecting in communion with animals and plants in nature

  • Agricultural Food Promotion Zone

    Promotes and sells large agricultural machinery, IoT/ICT and other cutting-edge agricultural facilities, and excellent agricultural materials, both local and international foreign

    Has participating corporations from Excellent Namdo Food, Social EnterpriseEconomy, Agricultural Convergence Industry, and Agricultural and Food Venture companies participating Startup areas

    Promotes excellent agricultural and food products and policies for 22 cities and counties in Jeollanam-do

    Demonstrates autonomous tractors, harvesters, planters, cultivators