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체험 안내
Sortation Subjectivity subject Participants
Korean Society of Environmental Agriculture Korean Environmental Agriculture Association 150people
Slow Food Center 5th Slow Food Taste Education National Workshop 100people
Jeonnam Agricultural 6th Industry Support Center Rural Community Activation Forum 30people
Tomato Industry-Academia Collaboration Foundation Application of Tomato ICT fusion technology and prediction of yield 90people
Hanwoo Industry-Academia Collaboration Foundation 후계축산인 육성(해당부분 번역되지 않음) 100people
Gwangju Regional Meteorological Office Meteorological Climate Win-Win Council Seminar on "Agriculture" Energy Sector 60people
Gwangju Jeonam Research Institute Status of Global Agricultural Products Market and Promotion of Gwangju and Jeonnam Agricultural Products Exports
- China, India -
Israel Israel Industry Research Foundation 2019 Korea · Israel SMART AGRITECH Workshop
- Four Israeli agencies -
Korea Food Insect Research Institute 1st International Insect Industry Symposium
- UN FAO, USA, Mexico, Poland, Canada, Thailand -
Eco-friendly research institute 2019 Strategy for the development of environment-friendly agriculture in Asia and Africa
- Egypt, Congo, Pakistan, Philippines, Cambodia -

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