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Introducing the 5 grounds of 2019 International Agriculture Exhibition that becomes even more exciting after you become familiar with them all

the World

The theme of 2019 International Agriculture Exhibition is “Agriculture Changes the World”.
Meet first-hand the agriculture that changes the world by experiencing the agriculture-in-life
utilizing “Agritainment”.

Layout map of exhibit halls

  • Theme of Nong-Pung
  • Exhibition and Experience Hall
  • Theme of Mutual Exchange
  • Theme of Innovative Technology
  • Theme of Sales and Marketing

2019 International Agriculture Exhibition is divided into 5 grounds for simultaneous achievement of fun play and educational learning.
Click the name of each ground in the image to see how its exhibit hall is arranged.

The Wind of
GO ▶

Proposing an agricultural lifestyle that creates new contents and trends

There are

  • Agricultural History Hall
  • Young Farmers Hall
  • Agricultural Administration Promotion Hall

in this area.

Exhibition and
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Story of abundant agriculture that can be directly experienced

There are

  • Delicious Healthy Garden
  • Tropical Botanical Garden
  • Happy Animal Farm
  • Agricultural Product Harvest Experience

in this area.

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Place of city-farm interchange for accomplishing expansion of agricultural network and communication

There are

  • Space for Consumer Groups
  • Space for Producer Associations

in this area.

The Innovative
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Story of future agriculture introducing the latest, most advanced agricultural technology

There are

  • Organic Farming Hall
  • Technical Agriculture Hall
  • Insect Industry Hall
  • Seminar

in this area.

Promotion and
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Promotional market by local government, agricultural companies, organizations and farmers

There are

  • Agricultural Equipment and Materials Market
  • Agricultural Specialty Product Market

in this area.

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