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This is about the 2015 International Agriculture Fair.


Classification Main Details
Title 2015 International Agricultural Exhibition
Period October 15, 2015 (Thursday) to November 1, 2015 (Sunday) / 18 days
Venue Agricultural Research Services, Jeollanam-do (Located at Sanpo-myeon, Naju-si)
Theme 「More Creative, Better Healing」
Host Jeollanam-do
Organized by Jeollanam-do International Agricultural Exhibition Organizing Committee
Scale 4 sites, 12 exhibition and sales halls / 350 participating organizations, groups and companies from 20 countries
Sponsor Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Rural Development Administration, Gwangju Metropolitan City, Naju-si, NAQS, Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corp., KOTRA, Korea Rural Community Corporation, NH Nonghyup, Foundation of Agri.Tech.Commercialization & Transfer, Korea Local Promotion Foundation, Korean Rural Leaders Central Association, 2015 Gwangju Design Biennale, Korea 4-H Center, KAMIA, Rural Women Leaders Foundation, Korean Advanced Farmers Federation, International Association of Horticultural Producers, Chonnam National University, Sunchon National University, Mokpo National University, Dongshin University, Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries, Gwangju Main Customs.

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