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It is about the International Agriculture Exhibition.

Report of IAE 2017

International Participants (135 organization, companies, buyers from 35 countries)
Survey of Overseas Exhibitors and Buyers
Overall Evaluation
Overall Evaluation of the Exhibition
Classification percentage
90 to 100 12.5%
80 to 89 41.0%
70 to 79 30.0%
60 to 69 12.5%
Less than 60 3.9%
Total 100%

Economic Achiments 2017

Economic Ripple Effect
USD 540,000,000

Exhibitors (490 company booths from 33 countries)
Exhibitors (490 company booths from 33 countries)
Classification Main Details
Overseas Companies
  • Netherlands (MIFKO,VENTEX G&C),USA(CHAPUL),Mexico (MERCI CORP)
  • Canada (C-FU FOODS),China(Panzhihua group),Japan(Kochi group}
  • Philippines (Organic food company group), Taiwan (Pintung group)
Domestic Companies
  • Agriculture-related organizations and institutions (MAFRA, Korea Seed and Variety Service, National Agriculture Cooperative Federation)
  • Major agriculture product export companies in Korea (Venture agriculture and strong small farm companies)
  • Agriculture equipment and materials companies(MS Aviation,Goldrone,KEIL,HAN'ASS,TopFruit)
Domestic Buyers
  • Hyundai Department Store, Lotte Mart, Good Store, Daesang Bestco, Pubic Homeshopping, GS SHOP, NFOOD MALL, TMON, OnChannel
Overseas Buyers
  • China (Alibaba, Egypt TANTA MOTORS), Australia TEA MASTERS ASSO.)

Education Conference (Total 1,530 partieipants from 14 countries)
Education Conference (Total 1,530 partieipants from 14 countries)
Classification Main Contents
4 International Symposiums
  • Status of Global Agriculture Products Market and Promotion Plan for Gwangju and Jeonnam Agriculture Products Export (China, India)
  • 2017 Korea-Israel SMART AGRITECH Workshop
    (4 research institutes from Israel)
  • The 1st International lnsect Industry Symposium
    (Insect companies from USA, Mexico, Poland, Canada, Thailand and UN FAO)
  • 2017 Development Strategy for environment-friendly agriculture in Asia and Africa
    (Ministry of Agriculture and universities from Egypt, Congo, Pakistan, Philippines, Cambodia)
6 Domestic Seminars
  • 6 seminars organized by Gwangju Meteorological Administration and Korean Society of Environmental Agriculture including Seminar on Climate Change Response and Agriculture and Energy Convergence

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