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International Agriculture Exhibition 2019, combining business exchanges and festivals

Event Overview

Event Overview
Classification Main Details
Title International Agriculture Exhibition 2019
Theme Agriculture Changes the World.
Date Oct. 17. (Thu) - Oct. 27. (Sun) 2019. 11 days
International Business Day / Oct. 17 (Thu) - 20 (Sun)/ 4 days
Venue Jeollanamdo Agricultural Research Services, Naju-si, Jeollanamdo
Host Jeollanamdo Provincial Government
Organizer Jeollanam-do International Agriculture Exhibition
Contents Exhibitions, business meetings, experiences, events, etc.
Scales 380 participating groups from 20 countries / 450,000 visitors
Sponsor Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Rural Development Administration Agricultural Cooperative

Purpose on Promotion

Introduces the Purpose on the promotion of the 2019 International Agriculture Exhibition.

Purpose of the Exhibition

To continue expanding the results of the 2017 International Agriculture Exhibition

2019 International Agriculture Exhibition held The international status of Korean agriculture

To support sales and exports of agriculture products
To promote understanding of agriculture and farmers
To promote environmentfriendly agriculture policy and motivate producers
To introduce nature to youths and to promote urban and rural exchange

The Role of the Exhibition

  • To maintain awareness as the leading region of the best environment-friendly Agriculture in the country

  • To present solutions to Korean farmers who has difficult conditions domestically and internationally

  • To reflect domestic and overseas interest in food safety and healing

  • To efficiently utilize the Jeonnam Agriculture Research & Extension Services facilities International Agriculture Exhibition

Direction for Progress

Enhance status as the largest and
best Agriculture Exhibition in the country

A B2B exhibition attracting overseas organizations and companies
By attracting overseas organizations and companies, a B2B exhibition that complies with the status of an ‘international’ exhibition
Enhance status as the best‘Agriculture Exhibition’ in the country
Concentrate on attracting visitors and contents development that help create "The future of agriculture"
Create an exciting and touching‘exhibition’
Create an exciting and touching ‘exhibition’using state-of-the-art exhibition techniques and images
Prepare the foundation for an‘independent exhibition’
Prepare the foundation for an ‘independent exhibition’ by eliminating any waste in budget and minimizing event expenses

Expected Results

  • Establishment of Jeollanam-do as a leader in environment-friendly, organic and creative agriculture
  • Expansion of agricultural exchange and trade through the formation and expansion of domestic and overseas agriculture network
  • Enhancement of mutual benefits by increasing urban and rural exchanges, and providing urban residents with a space for rest and Rural Experience